General Director Faouzi Mahfoudh
Secretary General Youssef Lachkhem
The Divisions
Director of Programming, Cooperation and Publication : Taoufik Redissi
Director of General Inventory and Research Division : Ali Drine
Director of Division for the Safeguarding of Monuments and Sites : Radhia Ben M’Barek
Director of Museum Development Division : Sonia Hamzaoui
The Centers
Centre /Director / Manager
Heritage Science and Technology Centre : Hamida Rhouma 
National Calligraphy Centre : Lotfi Abdeljaoued
Laboratory of Conservation and Restoration of  Manuscripts : Mahdi Ben Salah
Inspector of
North-East Regional Inspection : Faouzia Ben Zahra
Sahel Regional Inspection : Anis Sghaïr
Northwest Regional Inspection : Moheddine Chaouali
West Central Regional Inspection : Fethi Bahri
South Sahel Regional Inspection : Ammar Othman
South West Regional Inspection : Mondher Brahmi


The General Director Mr. Faouzi MAHFOUDH, Chairman of the Council
The Secretary General Mr. Youssef Lachkhem, Secretary of the Council
Members of the Council 
Director of the Directorate of Programming, Cooperation and Publication: Mr Taoufik Redissi
Director of the Division for the Safeguarding of Monuments and Sites : Ms. Radhia Ben M’Barek
Director of the General Inventory and Research Division: Mr. Ali Drine
Director of the Division of Museum Development: Ms Sonia Hamzaoui
Director of the National Bardo Museum: Ms Fatma Naït Yghil
Head of the Architecture Section: Ms. Sonia Slim
Representative members of the Scientific and Technical Body of the Institute
Ms. Nabiha Aouadi, Research Officer
Ms Sonia Slim, General Architect
Mr.Sofien Soussi, Senior Architect
Mr.Farid Ben Ghorbel, General Engineer
Mr Nabil Bel Mabrouk, Curator Heritage Advisor


Webmaster Ali Dabbaghi,General Engineer Information System and New Technologies
Infomaster Yahyaoui Mahbouba, Curator Heritage Advisor; Boutheina Ayari and Hanen Wertani, Heritage Curator.